The Female Objectification Of Women Essay

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“Objectification isn’t about seeing someone as a person in a box, but rather seeing the box as being the person” (Anonymous 2000). This objectification has been a particular problem for females over time, especially in the early ages. In Of S Theodora, A Virgin, Who is Called Christina (1096-8-1160), translated by Talbot, an anonymous author displays the objectification of women through the denial of autonomy in forcing Christina to marry and be trapped in a room, violability in how her unwanted marriage infringed upon her integrity by causing her to be confined to a small space with poor conditions and also by having her beaten and put on display, inertness by having her dress and channel masculinity in order to complete her actions and by being unable to act alone when she is a woman, as well as denial of subjectivity through being beaten and put on display. Christina was not alone in her experiences, and this objectification through various forces also impacted many other women of her time. This female objectification begins through the denial of Christina’s autonomy by forcing her to marry against her will based on the belief that unwed women were distasteful, and this continues when her freedom is constricted to a small cell because of this marriage. The first couple paragraphs of this text describe the various ways Christina’s mother had attempted to deflower her daughter and have her married, despite Christina’s own wishes (Anonymous 144). When praying, Christina…

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