Female Characters In Sophocles Oedipus The King

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Through the portrayal of female characters in both Shakespeare 's Hamlet as well as Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, one can ascertain the standing of women and their positions within both their societies and their stories. In both examples mentioned above these woman are mainly used as plot devices or props, which have no individuality or have an apparent sense of normality when they are with men and not as individuals making them appear insignificant without a relationship. However this is not accurate, as they are instead prominent figures rather than mere plot progression. This is brought on because of the fact that they have no representation without a male as this serves to demonstrate the perception and expectations of women within their historical contexts thus enabling a new depth of character for these women.

This theme of women not existing without the presence or guidance of men is exemplified through the life
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However this is not the case, as these women serve as a means to demonstrate contextually the role and status of women within their own societies. As well as serving as exemplars of attitudes towards women, the female characters are in some cases equally if not more important than the titular male characters. Ophelia demonstrates the subservient nature of a women towards other males, Gertrude also demonstrates this however she also demonstrates the rebellious nature against the patriarchy whilst at the same time voicing the same concerns as her male counterparts. On the other hand the tale of Oedipus essentially would be non-existent without Jocasta as its crux. Regardless of final outcomes of these tragedies, these women demonstrate that they are more than just secondary roles to their male counterparts and have much larger roles than originally

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