The Fellowship Of The Rings Essay

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Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is the first movie in the trilogy of the rings. The Hobbit, is a movie that sets the story up from the beginning, yet it came out eleven years later. I would recommend seeing The Hobbit so that you get all the insight and valuable background information that you need to understand the trilogy. Peter Jackson directed both magical movies. The Fellowship of the Rings theme of friendship, plays a large role in The Hobbit. The Hobbit had a theme of a common hobbit becoming the main hero in a movie, but without the help of his friends he would have got nowhere. Overall I would give The Fellowship of the Ring a 4.8/5 with an excellent rating. It’s how this movie can remove me from the real word and immerse me in fantasy adventure. What hooks me is the great characterization, how I get to know and watch Frodo evolve into the hero he truly is or the sound track that sounds mysterious and magical.
* Plot Spoilers *
While Bilbo, a hobbit, was in a cave he found a ring. On his 111th birthday Bilbo decides to give this ring to his cousin, Frodo. Gandalf believes this is the ring of power, from legend and tells Frodo to leave the shire. Frodo and the two other hobbits end up in Bree. Frodo is then ambushed, and wounded. He is taken to Rivendell and gets aid from Elrond. Elrond then holds a meeting to discuss what should be done about the ring. Frodo accepts the challenge with the fellowship to take the ring to the place it was forged,…

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