The Federalists Vs The Anti Federalists Essay

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The Federalists or the Anti-Federalists?


Before the debate between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists, Thomas Paine’s [PI1] pamphlet Common Sense was the first piece of literature to pave the way to independence for the colonies. Before independence, American colonists were still undecided about taking a stand against the British. Paine’s pamphlet presented the colonists with an argument for freedom. He wrote the pamphlet with simple reasoning that people understood. For example, he structured his book to read and feel like a sermon, relying on biblical references to help the reader invest themselves in his narrative.

-Fast forward to 1787-

After completely scrapping the Articles of Confederation, the blue print for a ‘new’ government was born. This ‘new’ design mandated a national government, one with a president and a judicial system that would reach right down to the individual citizen. However, the problem remained: how does one create or design a government without kings or hereditary rules, one that would be stable enough to govern without being too powerful? Up until this point in time, republics were short lived. The founding fathers addressed the issue of power in an entirely novel way. They put forward the idea that only in a large democracy with extensive checks and balances can you protect the rights of the minority from potential tyranny by the majority. It was a completely new idea in regard to democratic thought. This was revolutionary…

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