The Federalist Era Of American Politics Essay

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The Federalist Era of American politics reduced many of the Founding Fathers to gladiators of their particular causes and the outcome of the American experiment. Power in this era meant absolute victory for your view of the future of the United States. The men at the forefront of this Thunderdome-esque fight to death were Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Adams. Alexander Hamilton was a self-made man. Born in the West Indies out of wedlock, Hamilton took it upon himself to learn about trade and eventually worked his way into the world’s elite. Hamilton’s view of America’s future was a one of a Northern-based, merchant centric empire ruled by the elite. This idea clashed heavily with that of Thomas Jefferson and others with an agrarian prospect for America. It was this conflict that led to the creating the Federalist Party. Though this was not a political party in the modern sense, it would later lead into one. This proto-party, spearheaded by Hamilton, was established to organize a group of like-minded individuals to battle the opposing ideas that they believed could spell the destruction of America itself. Alexander Hamilton was appointed by George Washington to be the first Secretary of the Treasury, which was the highest and most influential office that Hamilton ever served in. It was during these formative years of the American republic that Hamilton was able to shape the economic policies for the future, most notably the creation of the…

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