The Federal Government Should Have Greater Authority On Administering Health Care

2233 Words Nov 27th, 2016 9 Pages
This paper will discuss the prevailing Canadian debate of whether the federal government should have greater authority on administering health care. Essentially, Canada’s health care program referred to as Medicare, is administered by the provinces while regulated by the federal government through the Canada Health Act of 1984. One side of the debate, using the political theory of pluralism, argues against federal leadership and instead emphasizes for provincial authority on matters of health care since Canada is inherently composed of individuals with differing interests and values. Through a decentralized framework, each province will be able to implement efficient health services that will meet the demands of its citizens. Their adversaries, in favour of a strong federal presence in the operations of health care, utilize an institutional approach to argue that effective consensus is easily attained when power is concentrated. Therefore the federal government is best able to achieve a health program that is equally accessible throughout the nation. Utilizing the political theory of institutionalism, this paper will argue that federal leadership in the operations of health care will improve the universal access of medical services for Canadian citizens. Through the case study of abortion services in New Brunswick, this paper will analyze the federal government as the primary financial provider for health care and as an efficient means to introduce reforms to health care.…

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