The Features Of Haitian Americans Within The American Education System

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1.) Initially, I wanted to explore the functionalities of Haitian Americans within the American education system, but once I began to search the different databases , there was little to no literature on the topic. So therefore I then selected a different research topic, Same Sex Schools and how the environment affected learning outcomes. However, that research topic fell into my lap as I searched the OneSeach database and found lots of material posted about the topic. In the end, that topic was not of much interest to me personally. So I then changed my topic again. I think I pulled my topic from my “Education in America” class, as my topic now is “Black-White Achievement gaps in the US.” This topic sparked my interest as a prospective teacher being that I am interested in ways that I can help to close this gap in any way possible. The research database I used was the school database, “OneSearch”. The terms I used were “black-white achievement gap AND in education AND research.” After inputting the research terms, I then narrowed my search further down by filtering through peer-reviewed, full text material only. My rationale for selecting this particular study is the fact that it explores the mathematics achievement gap, and I myself am an aspiring math teacher.
2.) The background for this study was deeply rooted in the results of Brown v. Board of Education, and ways of life that followed desegregation of schools. This research study was centered around how desegregation…

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