The Fbi 's Child Pornography Ring Essay example

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The FBI’s Child Pornography Ring

In January 2016, the FBI broke into some of the largest child pornography websites, and instead of shutting them down, kept them running for 13 more days. This delay in closing the website allowed more images to be posted, downloaded, shared, and allowed more people to sign up. By allowing all these criminal activities to continue, the FBI was hoping to take down more even more criminals. This was at least the third time to public knowledge that this tactic was used. Allowing the websites to run sparked anger in many Americans because the child pornography industry gets bigger and bigger everyday. There are 5.4 million reports of child sexual exploitation online. This exploitation does not only affect the children involved, but all their loved ones as well. This child pornography epidemic spreads wide and far and there are many mixed feelings about whether the FBI did the right thing or not. Some people feel that to protect children it is essential to catch as many predators as possible by luring more predators to the sites while others believe that sites such as these need to be taken down immediately so the children on these sites do not continue to be victimized. Arguments are found with both viewpoints. Certain elements in the arguments can make them more compelling.

Two Law professors, Orin Kerr (2016) and Corey Rayburn Yung (2016) have written in on the topic of child poronohraphy. Kerr’s (2016) “‘Trolley Problem’ Dilemma for…

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