Essay about The Father Of The Family Came Home

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Once upon a time there lived a very poor family who lived on the outskirts of a little village. The family had little, but they were happy. Their house was only two rooms, they had only one cow to live off of and continually needed to go the market for more provisions. One day the father of the family came home, walking dejectedly along the worn out dirt path he walked every day of the week. It was the afternoon and the father had just got home from a long day of work. He was carrying a bag in his hand, the top hung loosely, crippling in on itself from not being filled all the way. The father had reached his front door, he could hear the sounds of his family inside. He quickly stood up straight and put on a smile. He wrapped his hand around the old door knob and opened the door shouting, “Wife, father, son, I’m home!”
“Welcome home husband,” his wife shouted. “Father!” a small child ran across the small house from his seat at the dining table and wrapped his small arms around his father.
“Welcome home my boy!” the young boy’s grandfather shouts from his seat on the couch. The father shuffles his way into the house, his son finally releasing his legs as he begins to move. “I have brought back food from the market,” he proclaims, walking over to his wife, kissing her, then handing her the bag so she could start dinner. The father turns around and takes a seat beside his own father on the dirty couch. He watches his son run back across the room to help his mother in…

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