The Fashion Industry Is Bad For Young Girl Essay

1439 Words Jun 7th, 2016 null Page
Women across the globe will do whatever it takes to become a model. Being a model Comes with great responsibility. When you are a model you are supposed to set an image of yourself and the people around you. Working in fashion industry you have to have tough skin because people would tell you your ears stick out too much, your skin is not clear enough, or your body doesn 't fit the part. You have to meet for photo shoot on very cold days and very hot days wearing different seasons just because they have to be ahead of time. This first article is from “The Fashion Industry Should Not Be Held Responsible for Eating Disorders from 2012” The author is Lisa Hilton and she is refuting to all the people that says the fashion industry is bad for young girl. She targets the criticism that think fashion industry is wrong to their model she made her point by saying that fashion models are the same to athletes because they both have to maintain their image. The second article is from” The Fashion Industry Promotes Eating Disorder” the author Jessica Bennett is arguing that fashion industry it is to blame about obesity and bulimia. She says they get skinnier just by working with the designer. The fashion industry are making it seem like eating disorder is okay to become a model. She makes a point that American people are eating because they see bulimia and anorexia happening and are scared, but it making American people either way they all unhealthy The stronger argue is “The…

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