Essay about The Farmers ' Migration '

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The farmers ' migration was against their wish, but actually it was the only way to escape from the surrounded conditions and the high authority which the landowners used in order to degrade the Joads family and the farmers in Oklahoma. Accordingly, they were forced to go west searching for job opportunities in order to fulfill their humble requirements of their simple life to live as free human beings not as slaves who were always oppressed to satisfy the needs of those who are unkind towards them. The landowners and the bankers try to humiliate the poor farmers with no reason or a clear justification rather than being driven by their social prejudice and arrogance. Although the farmers decided to survive and migrate west to California, they found it very unbearable to leave their land and they asked themselves "How can we live without our lives? How will we know it is us without our past? No. leave it. Burn it." (Steinbeck 112). The laborers were upset for leaving Oklahoma that carries their ancestor 's history and their shared memories. Yet, their will to survive, their dignity and their dreams were above all and compelled them to struggle all forces and obstacles to make their way to California to live in a quite similar country that would frustrate their countless dreams but actually, they were still away from the real truth. After their so long-suffering from financial hardships and loss of their farms, the Joads turned to be…

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