The Family Structure Between My Grandparents And My Parents Essay

1309 Words Nov 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Through interviews and conversations with my family members, I have analyzed aspects of their social lives and connected them to social influences. There are certainly major differences in the family structure between my grandparents and my parents because of social events such as the second world war, the Vietnamese war, and economic trends. Furthermore, the diversity created by generational differences is present in my parent’s educational attitude, marriage age, and many other factors. My family is a diverse group of individuals that has been shaped by social forces and involves incorporating social events and examining each family member to truly understand the foundations of my family structure. Going as far back as possible for my maternal living relatives, my grandmother and grandfather are named Ann and George. They were born in 1937 and 1932, roughly a few years before World War II. Currently, they still live in Campbell County, Virginia, where they have grown up, and never decided to move anywhere else. As they grew up in Campbell County, they became accustomed to the Baptist religion and rural life of a small southern town. Because of the society, they grew up in, earning a college degree was not as encouraged as it is today. It was more commonly expected of an individual to either learn a trade, enter the workforce, or eventually go off to serve in the war. Neither of my maternal grandparents earned a college degree, however only my grandmother graduated from…

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