The Family Strengths Framework For Assessment Essay

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Using the family strengths framework for assessment in nursing will be explored in this essay. Concepts covered will include defining family in contemporary Australian society, the family strengths framework and how the framework can be applied to practice as a nurse. Wright and Leahey (cited in Barnes & Rowe 2011, p. 5) declared ‘the family is who they say they are’, but defining family for discussion in nursing is much more complex.

Defining family in contemporary society can be challenging with many factors to consider within the context of nursing. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS 2012, np) describes a family as ‘a group of two or more people that are related by blood, marriage (registered or de facto), adoption, step or fostering, and who usually live together in the same household’ but when discussing the definition of family in contemporary Australia, Lodge, Maloney and Robinson (cited in Barnes & Rowe 2011, p. 4-5) state that ‘family can be thought of in terms of a sense of belonging that is not always linked by legal or biological relationships’. Discussion about family within a nursing context needs to be broad, and nurses should be aware that patients’ social, cultural and political factors may influence their perception of family (Barnes & Rowe 2013). McMurray and Clendon (2015) also note the importance of recognising that assessing a family based on a set of guidelines may convey normative criteria and expectations on particular interactions and…

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