The Family Of The Hmong Community Essay

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Thailand was where it all happen. My parents had met and got married there. But let 's give a little background. In the Hmong community, it was the norm to have many kids. Having many kids meant they can help you around the house or financially, especially farming crops for food. However, my mother didn 't have the same luxury of having a father as she grew up. Her father had gotten sick when she was young and he passed away. Due to this event my grandma (her mother) remarried. In the older Hmong laws, once a woman is widowed and decides to remarry, the majority of her kids has to be left with her siblings side of the family. That was the case for my mother. She was a foster child, sent off with all her siblings to her aunt’s house.
My father grew up with both his parents. His brothers and him were close and stuck to one another while his youngest sister seemed to carry duties within the house. At a young age, there was something about her that was off. She had slow reactions and some mental disparities. No one could figure out what it was. When my father was 15 years old he lost his sister due to a drowning accident. His father also divorced my father’s mom and remarried before immigrating to the U.S. Six years after my father arrived in America he learned his mother had passed away. History of my Parents
In Thailand, during long nights of conversations my parents’ relationship began. In the dark, my father would travel by feet to…

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