The Family Of The American Family Essay

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The American Family
In today’s society, families are an ever-changing structure. Liz Gray writes, “Today, those ‘nontraditional’ families have become the norm.” In the 1950s the “typical” family consisted of a married man and woman with a few biological children. Now, there is no “typical” American family. A family could still be a man and woman, a set of divorced parents, or even gay parents. Previously, divorce was frowned upon and considered ¨hated by God.¨ Currently, nearly 50% of all U.S. marriages end in divorce and the statistics are on the rise (Wolfers). The same goes for gay relationships. Although gay marriage is illegal in many states and discouraged by the churches, there are more gay couples today than there has ever been in years past (Roberts and Stark). Different is becoming the new normal in many aspects of life, and this goes for parenting as well. In America, being different is being normal. In past, current, and future times, many different kinds of parents, such as mother and father, divorced, and same-sex, are working their way to all becoming ‘normal’.
In the 1950s, Jim Algar describes a family to be, “... a working dad, and a homemaking mom bringing up the kids.” In the 1960, marriage rates were at an all time high. In the United States alone, nearly 73% of families consisted of a married mother and father (Bedard). When asking anyone in the mid-1900s, they would tell you a family is a mother and father raising children. There was no…

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