The Family Of Mr. And Mrs. Brown Essay

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1. The family of Mr. and Mrs. Brown in the third case study most closely reflects the image I have of a good family. I like the family simply because, according to what I read, they seem like a very happy family. A family that does activities together, and the husband and wife take turn to manage the family. Another thing is thanks to the mother, the kids fit in well with the community.
2. I like how Mr. and Mrs. Brown works together to be in charge of the house, and they condescend to each other. I agree with the perception that they have which the father is the head of the house. Another thing I like about this family is that they often do activities together, also with the neighbors. For me, it is very important for family members to hang out and spend time with each other. It is a way for family members to grow chemistry and build up a strong family.
3. There is not anything that I dislike in the family of the third case study. However, I wish to see more incidents happen, so I would able to see how they would handle the problem. Their life seems to a little bit too pleasant, and sometimes you just need a little of irregularity to spice your life up.
4.1 For the case that shows more unity, I would say it is case #3. This is because, in the Brown family, all the family members make sure that they do things together at home and also within the neighborhood.
4.2 For this area, I would say it is the Hurtado family in case #5. Mrs. Hurtado, the wife, always involves her…

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