The Family Dynamics Of Leeann And Her Family Essay

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In working with families, there are various concepts to be examined when considering dynamics, which are observed and experienced within the family unit. In the case of LeeAnn’s family, she is the four-year-old daughter to two parents who frequently argue. They also parent an older daughter, Kris who is ten years old. The family is seeking treatment due to LeeAnn’s difficulty of functioning, and misconstrued or blurred relationships amongst Kris and her mother. Throughout this exploration, concepts will be applied to the family dynamics of LeeAnn and her family to explore and determine a more functional arrangement. The first concept that will be applied to LeeAnn and her family’s dynamics will be boundaries. Boundaries are invisible limits that dictate or regulate interactions between family members. Within the concept of boundaries, there are several dynamics that can surface. Briefly, there are two extremes (and many in-betweens), those being enmeshed boundaries or disengaged boundaries. It would be challenging to have an “all or nothing” attitude when considering the boundaries of family members, because often times, particular members may have different levels of each of these extremes with different members of the family. To begin on the spectrum, enmeshed boundaries are regarded as “weaker” boundaries in which the relationship has a dependent factor where one member is reliant on the other family member in order to feel fulfilled. It appears that in LeeAnn’s…

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