Who Is Napoleon Bonaparte First Consulate

The consulate came into power in france after the collapse of the directory government in 1799. The desperation of the French people was for the formation of a strong republic with leadership that would guranbtee them freedom, prosperity and security within their boarders.napoleon Bonaparte was the first consul that also included two other consuls. They performed different factions within the legilslative and constitutional mandates of their offices to foster progress in the french political system. After the defeat of monarchy by the French revolution, expectations were high among the citizens for a more robust economy. Military operations however maintained by their governments led to more taxes being demanded from the citizens in order to facilitate these operations. Military defeats were therefore disheartening and discouraging to the masses. After napoleon succedded in manipulating power and leading the country to various victories during his tebure as the first consul, the French population were estatic about their progress. He was largely given ultimate powers by a land slide victory of the passage of a new constitution.although the other two consuls remained in …show more content…
He took adventage of the desire of the people for a non aristocratic rule to endorse a one man government with him as the emporer. He led the masses in invoking hate and prejudice over foreigners and their neighbouring state by his malicious critisms and opinions. Even though the first years of his tenure were accompanied by significant economic progress, his authoritarian system and oppression of the opposition later defined him a dictator like any other. Being an army general, napoleon was successful in maintaining law and order as well as peace throughout france. The people had limited avenues to rebel or oppose the emperor and his administration and as such always had control over france until his defeat in

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