Essay The Fall Of Man By Adam And Eve

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The fall of man is a very confusing concept to me. I never understood how Adam and Eve could have sinned like they did after being so close to God, after walking and talking with Him directly. I always told myself “If I had been Adam or Eve, there is no way I would have disobeyed God after being so closely united to Him”. But then I think “So why do I keep sinning after every time I receive the Eucharist? Adam and Eve are created in the garden of Eden and everything is in accord with everything else. Adam and Eve are alive because the divine breath of God is in them, giving them life and man is to be co-creators with God, having dominion over all the plants and creatures ordering all things in creation toward right relationships of peace, justice, and harmony. (Frigge, 91) Because of this life giving breath of God, humans are to be living examples to the world of God and to be His presence on earth. Humankind often forgets this call and tries to but himself on the same level and God or even to set himself up as a God. When the serpent tempts Eve with eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he claims that they will not die as God has told them but that they will become like gods and that God doesn 't want for that to happen. He uses the cause of his own downfall (wanting to be like God) to lead to the downfall of God 's greatest creation, mankind. It was envy that caused Satan to tempt the first humans to sin against God (CCC 391). What ultimately…

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