The Faerie Queene Essay

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Una, the True Church

The Faerie Queene is an important romantic epic that more than being just poetry, represents the protestant imagery in terms of kinds of individual virtue , the forces of temptation and human weaknesses to which the greatest of persons can succumb and, of course, the humanist ideals of its time. His author, Edmund Spenser, makes use of biblical and classic allegories to tell his story, that more than have been a religious writing, the poem’s purpose was to educate, to turn young men into gentlemen and to make a declaration of faith in England. However, the more important purpose of the Faerie Queene is its allegory, the meaning behind its characters and events. The story's setting is a fanciful "faerie land," that
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Throughout the poem she helps the Redcrosse Knight out of danger in his fight, providing him with the mental guidance he needs to overcome the obstacles that he must face. She symbolizes the truth of the Protestant church that must provide direction for the Holiness that Redcrosse represents, saving him from certain doom on several occasions. To be holy for a Christian, one must have true faith, so the plot of Book I principally concerns the attempts of evildoers to separate the Redcrosse Knight from Una; “For of devotion he had little care,/ Still drownd in sleepe, and most of his dayes ded;/ Scarse could he once uphold his heavie hed,/ To looken, whether it were night or day:/ May seeme the wayne was very evill led,/ When such an one had guiding of the way,/ That knew not, whether right he went, or else astray.” (I,4,165-171). Most of these villains are meant by Spenser to represent the Roman Catholic Church. The poet seems to believe in the English Reformation, so people must defeated Catholicism as a false religion, and embraced Protestantism as the true one. The relationship works both ways, however; Una also needs saving. Without believers to protect it, the truth can be overcome by evil. In addition to the Redcrosse Knight, there are also natural elements that come to Una's support, such as the lion and the satyrs of the

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