The Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior, And Buyer Decision Process

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What really is conspicuous consumption? And does everyone in the world do it? The article we read about Veblen and Bourdieu and their views of conspicuous consumption states, “Veblen argues that consumers from all social classes, even the ambitious middle class, are not necessarily consciously trying to conspicuously consume” (p. 108, paragraph 1). What is conspicuous consumption though? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines conspicuous consumption: “the act or practice of spending money on expensive things that are not necessary in order to impress other people.” So Veblen thinks that people don’t consciously do that, but how can that be when we are influenced by so many different factors in the world that push us towards buying a certain item to “impress other people”. My view will go against Veblen, saying that we DO consciously know that we are conspicuously consuming. I will go over a few different aspects that will point towards the factors influencing consumer behavior, and buyer decision process. The examples I will use will be around the idea of a sneakerhead, those that collect limited, rare, OG or exclusive kicks. There are a variety of different factors that play a role in influencing customer behavior. The three main categories are cultural, social, personal, and psychological. Through these four categories lie different subcategories, but only a few will be talked about regarding the decision of conspicuous consumption and how it is a conscious action that we all…

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