The Exploration Of Trade Routes Essay

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The exploration of trade routes to Africa and Asia were revolutionizing decisions made by the Europeans. These explorations had led to the discovery of new lands, the chance to spread Christianity and to improve in wealth. However these were the consequences of external affairs of Europe. What were the consequences of internal affairs in Europe? How was Europe progressing in religion, politics, and economics that they had to spread their influence worldwide and ultimately shaped not just Europe but the whole world? I will be arguing that Europe had faced a transitional reformation in religion, politics, and economics that influenced economical improvements rather then social. Martin Luther was a christian monk who denounced the Roman Catholic Church sale of indulgence. Indulgence is a pardon that forgave the sins of individuals if they payed a ransom or money to the church. The Roman Catholic Church claimed indulgence would guarantee the people 's entry to heaven. Luther had challenged and denounced indulgence in his ninety-five thesis. The use of the printing press had expanded and influence his views all over Western Europe. His challenge had lots of political and religious complications. His followers were called protestants because they had organized protest in all of Western Europe. During the sixteenth and eighteenth century, western Europe was ruled by monarchs in which they took advantage of religious disunity to strengthen their control. They had strengthened…

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