Essay on The Experiential Family Therapy Model

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Model of Family Therapy

The Experiential Family Therapy model is a theory that was developed by the practitioners of Carl, Whitaker, Walter Kempler and Virginia Satir. With the Experiential Family Therapy Model, the goal of the therapist is to catalyze the natural drive of the family to reach growth and the full potential of the individual members of the family. Still, the individual practitioners allowed their personality to be instrumental in the success of their unique forms of Experimental Family Therapy, although their focus and goals were similar (Goldberg, 2013). Because of the importance of the individual personality in the success of a model, Whitaker’s Symbolic-Experiential Family Therapy (S-EFT) was selected and will be argued for the current case study.
The theory thrives on spontaneity, play and even “craziness” to a comfort level with the clients to allow for a strong therapeutic connection along with the willingness for the clients to open to the therapeutic process. Whitaker called his approach “psychotherapy of absurdity” where the therapist will create discomfort and confusion amongst the family in order to understand the clients better and promote positive outcomes (Cag & Acar, 2015). Because of this potential abrasive and unconventional approach, the therapist is required to be authentic in the therapy session while promoting personal integrity as an individual and therapist. Most importantly as to while this theory was selected was its humanistic goals…

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