The Experience Of Science : An Interdisciplinary Approach Essay

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There are many instances where false information that is gathered is believed to be true which causes a plethora of problems. Such problems could include incorrect publication of information to the public, false information being taught in schools and even false information being relied on for medical purposes. All of these occurrences could be detrimental to the proper functioning of the society as a whole. For example, an abstract written by John P. A. Loannidis who works in the department of Hygiene and Epidemiology for the University of Ioannina, stated “most public research findings are false”, Loannidis went on to use that phrase as the title of his work. In Goldstein’s piece The Experience of Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach written on facts and their possible roles in modern science there is an argument that properly identifying a fact will be useful for progress in science. This essay defends the thesis that the issue of false information being published is bad for society as a whole which can be supported with Goldstein’s piece written on facts. This issue is very problematic because the false information that is being published is believed to be true and is relied upon for very important tasks. For example, many case studies are completed each year in which they attempt to improve medical issues that people currently suffer from. The problem is that a lot of the studies that are conducted and published tend to produce information that is later proven to be…

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