The Expectations Of Constructivism And Constructivism Essay

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Expectations of Constructivism

Constructivism offers a number of methods to understanding narrative descendancy. First, that ideas, beliefs and meanings are malleable and in conflict and they are able to be fitted to the situation, i.e. actors involved in violent conflict may create conflict-supporting narratives which provide explanation and authorization for their involvement. Likewise constructivism demonstrates that leaders of nations and of groups can manipulate the meaning and value that their followers attributed to their political aims. Devji demonstrated how deliberate strategic manipulation of constructivist social foundations can re-frame issues of ethno-political identity, and of religious understanding and the re-defining of social norms along faith based lines in Islamic countries for instance.

Second, manipulation is not just something that occurs within conflicts by participants but, as Schmitz and Hellyer have shown, outside actors can also change the meaning of conflict dynamics and alter the focus of internal actors to more closely align with macro aspirations, as well as build the strength of internal conflict actors resources. Byman et al also notes the importance of external actors as has Conteh-Morgan who demonstrated that outside actors can deliberately change the meaning of ideas of those at lower levels, and Gilardi through transnational diffusion processes. Although academic debate has shown concern about how transnational actors can influence…

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