Hironaka's Tokens Of Power Essay

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Hironaka’S Tokens of Power is a book written from a social relativistic standpoint of war and its meaning in society. The title of the book plays on the central theme that the winning of wars is a gaining of these imaginary tokens. In relevance to today’s news internationally, we can see a mad grab for these tokens of power in the Middle East and in other surrounding countries as different nations try to garner maximum power over others in their efforts to dominate world interests for their own benefit and ideology.
Social Relativism in the Construction of Power
One of the common problems in political relationships is how to measure relative power and how to measure a country’s relative power. The method that is currently utilized is fairly simple in this sense that it ranks states by their status, yet it is also a form of social relativism that is construed as a realistic and rational. This system creates three primarily imagined methods for assessing power among countries (Hironaka 51). The first criterion is whether the country won its last war. Secondly, power is defined by how the country ranks in terms of equipment and capability in military power. Third, countries are ranked according to whether they are willing to engage fully in the international arena as a competitive and aggressive entity (59). Hironaka criticizes this system as one in which participation requires countries to continually compete with one another for power (22). Hironaka calls these

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