The Existence Of God By Rene Descartes Essay

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In his fifth meditation, Rene Descartes gives an argument that he believes proves the existence of god from a purely intellectual, non-empirical framework. His ontological argument attempts to prove the mere concept of god is evidence for his existence. Although Descartes portrays the meditations as starting with no preconceived notions, his own biased definition of necessary qualities is the cause of fault within this work. Upon examining the disjoint comparison made between the mathematical nature of triangles and the inherent nature of god, it becomes evident that viewing the qualities in question as equal is the fuel for the opposing argument. Descartes begins his attempt to prove the existence of god from an abstract foundation by first reflecting on the nature of god, following with a claim that god’s existence is analogous to the properties of triangles. The basic premise of his argument is simple, the idea of God entails that he is a perfect being who contains all perfect qualities, and the quality of “existence” is one of God 's perfections. The quality of existence is one that Descartes finds inseparable from the idea of God. Therefore, the very idea of God entails that he must exist. Descartes ' believes that he couldn 't conceive the idea of God in his mind if God did not exist. The entire premise is built upon the notion that God is perfect and existence is one of god’s perfections. Descartes reflects upon the idea of separating the quality of existence for…

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