Essay on The Exchange Student 's Global Minds

1270 Words Feb 10th, 2016 6 Pages
n the article “Exploring the exchange student’s global minds in a study abroad project” by John et al(2015), the authors present a research which aims to determine how the students improve themselves in the foreign environment and how they construct their global minds. Meanwhile in the article “Intercultural Communication as Revealed in Language Learning Histories” by Doman(2014), the author reveals the important factors which either hinder or enhance students’ English learning abilities. Throughout this paper, I will synthesize the two articles by the following ideas. Firstly motivation plays an important role in students’ international learning experience. Meanwhile, culture differences hinder students’ English learning process and sometimes could make their lives even harder in a foreign country. Finally, to improve intercultural communication abilities as well as English speaking skills, group activities and authentic products are also mentioned by both the authors.

Students who are motivated to learn and communicate always have relatively positive mentalities which encourage them to reach out from their “comfort zone”. Many international students tend to avoid what they are unfamiliar with. They always stay in their small social bubbles and even use their native languages to communicate with which would not enhance their English skill or help establish intercultural communications apparently. Without getting in touch with the local students, it is hard for them to…

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