The Exam Is Worth 100 Points Essay

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I. Please be sure to put your last name (and first initial, if someone shares your last name) in the name of the file you upload, as well as on each page of your responses.
II. The exam is worth 100 points. Points assigned for individual questions are included below.
III. This final exam is to be your own work, no help from or collaboration with anyone else. Please use your own words to express your original thoughts, and reasoning when you respond to questions. If you cite sources for your answer, please use APA 6th formatting for both in-text citations and references.
IV. Please keep your answers to one page maximum. Please format the paper in the following way: 11-point font, 1” margins all around, single spaced, name and page # on each page in the header of the paper.
V. Each question will be graded with consideration of: accuracy, completeness, spelling/grammar, organization/logical progression, and the absence of extraneous information. The quality of your response counts considerably. I have to be able to understand the logic and organization. (Don’t just throw everything you know in the answer.)
VI. Tables/bulleted points are acceptable if they appropriately answer the question.

1. Assessment Scenario: Describe what you would do if you had $1,000 to purchase assessments for an Adult Neuro Outpatient Clinic that specializes in aphasia and dementia rehabilitation. Be sure you explain the rationale for your choices, as there are many tools to…

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