Bilingual Aphasia Case Study

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The broader issue presented in this paper is to determine if there is “a principled way to understand the nature of rehabilitation in bilingual aphasia such that patterns of acquisition and generalization are predictable and logical” (p. S299). This study is attempting to provide further knowledge of the manner in which people with bilingual aphasia reacquire and develop their language skills in order to help construct some patterns that “are predictable and logical” (p. S298). This is extremely relevant to the broader field of study. According to the research provided within the article, 60% of the world’s population is bilingual or multilingual. If an individual has aphasia but wants to maintain his or her level of engagement in his
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By choosing a group design, they allowed for multiple variables to be present in the study, which provides a more holistic understanding of the issues involved with bilingual aphasia. When looking at the demographic data, it appears to provide enough information to understand the variables involved with the individuals. The researchers sufficiently matched the individuals in that they were all exhibiting the same cortical aphasia, and they all had Spanish as a primary language, while English was the secondary language. However, as they mentioned in the discussion section, there may have been some issues with when the participants first acquired English. This may have had an influence on the treatment results. When looking at the materials and stimuli, they used the third set of semantically unrelated words as the control set. This appears to be an appropriate variable to control because it enabled the researchers to determine how much of the recovery is based upon the treatment and how much of it is just a natural recovery after the onset of aphasia. Also, the task helps to answer the questions that they pose by having the individuals name the picture in the sets. The tasks vary between the different steps in the procedure, but that is the basic function of the task. It is worth noting that the task was not given its own heading within the paper as compared to the other sections. That …show more content…
For example, it may be interesting to study bilingual aphasia in a group where half of the members have Spanish as their L1 and the other half has English as their L1. This may provide a unique comparison of individuals who have opposite language acquisition. This is a growing field that needs more research due to the number of individuals in the world that are bilingual or multilingual. Thus, new methods of treatment may be proposed and should be considered when looking at the future of this field of

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