Essay on The Evolution Of Human Evolution

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The evolution of human beings has been a major research area with controversy being whether human beings evolved from the chimpanzee. Based on various theories and research reports that have been presented, scientists believe that a common ancestor to humans existed about 5 to 8 million years ago (Drake, 2015). It is believed that humans evolved from the modern apes such as the gorillas and the chimpanzees more than the monkeys. In the quest to find out the real answers regarding the origin of humans, I decided to find out through research. In my endeavor, various sources of published information have been of major input in acquiring the details as regarding the question at hand. I have read books that have information on human evolution as well as published articles that have more information. I have also visited various archeological centers to acquire details from the archived fossils and remains that have been stored for academic and research use. I have also acquired information from scientific labs that deal with primate research in order to enhance the validity of the findings regarding the human evolution. In amid top find out what the public opinion holds, I sought to find out more from sampled person through questionnaires that had guided questions. 2. Body From the various researches that I have conducted from different areas, I strongly believe that human beings evolved from…

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