The Evolution Of A Community Essay

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Many people find themselves misinformed regarding what exactly happened to the hippies of the late 60’s and 70’s. The belief that the psyconautical, tie-dye sporting, van-driving, happy-go-lucky counterculture has hence been disbanded is a common misconception. All that has occurred is the divergent evolution of a community. More clearly, for the predecessor breed, some did stay loyal to the soft, spacey, feel-good rock of the era like “The Grateful Dead,” and Jimi Hendrix. Then with the turn of a new decade many were able to put Woodstock in their rear view and drive to the outskirts of town for some laser lights and glow-sticks. Those who couldn’t became like the man from the Bellamy Brothers song “Old Hippie.”("Bellamy Brothers- Old Hippie") The 80’s breathed new life into the culture as a new wave of youth entered the scene. Inspired by the free living love all message of their ancestors, Acid-House (or Chicago house) had been formed. A rise in sound technology catalyzed the mutation, Roland, a Japanese electronic instrument manufacturer founded in 1972, came out with the revolutionary “Roland TB-303 Bass line” in 1982 igniting the fuse that caused the rave culture to spread like zombies, even becoming mainstream in major European countries.(Acid-House wiki) Rave culture is most known for the synthetic music, mind numbing light shows, outlandish outfits, glow-sticks, and the association of copious psychotropic agents. Society abroad recognized the heathenism…

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