The Events That Took Place On 9 / 11 Essay

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The events that took place on 9/11 were extremely tragic. The people that were directly involved will have memories of that day forever. Wether we were there that day or not 9/11 has impacted us. Everyone has their own way of reacting to tragedy, but there are comparisons between the reactions of the individuals that lived in New York versus the people that do not. Comparisons that can be made dealing with the reactions of Individuals inside and outside of New York during the 9/11 attacks are, the concern for individuals, emotional responses, and disbelief. When one thinks of 9/11 there are memories of the twin towers and the pentagon, which is sometimes overlooked. There is thought of the lost lives because of the attacks including the people in the buildings, on the planes, and around the buildings. Yet often we forget about the preparation it took to succeed this and how easy it was for them. One could also think about how many people came in contact with the terrorists at the airports, through the metal detectors and while boring the plane. We often forget that it wasn’t just 4 planes hitting buildings but a group of people deliberately crashed into the twin towers, killing themselves, in order to successfully take the lives of over 4,000 people and impact so many others. This was not just a tragic event this was also the beginning of a war on terror and revenge (American Dreams, Brands, 2011). One comparison of the reactions of individuals inside and outside of New…

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