Essay about The Ethics System Of The Capitalist Society

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The school system reproduces the organizational system of the capitalist society and expresses the different patterns of socialization that occur within the social class system. Michael Apple views the hidden curriculum through a Neo-Marxist perspective by providing the concept of having both low and high status curriculums of knowledge. (Apple, 1995) The poor and minorities are excluded from high status knowledge. This type of exclusion comes from the ability to filter students into different levels of stratification and eliminating future career paths, and can be described as functionalist approach (Apple, 1995). Apple focuses on the production of the correspondence theory and applies that there is specific characteristics, behaviour traits and skills. The determiners that can be linked to the education system, provide support for the correspondence theory within school.
“ [If] we look at our educational institutions we should expect to find that the tactic things that are taught to students roughly mirror the personality and dispositional traits that these students will “require” later on when they join the workforce”. (Apple, 1995,p.127)
Therefore, the capitalist society that is in education can be supported by the correspondence theory.

Research Methods
Secondary research including academic article and scholarly social research were used to fully investigate the aspects of the hidden curriculum and social stratification. The literature was obtained from a variety of…

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