The Ethics And Social Values Essay

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According to Creswell (2003) a researcher makes his claim on the basis of a set of certain assumptions which is known as research paradigm. Filsread (1979) defines research paradigm as "set of interrelated assumptions about the social world which provides a philosophical and conceptual framework for the organized study of that world". Creswell (1994) describes assumptions of research paradigms as "Ontology" in which researchers make claims about the knowledge that what is it, "Epistemology" refers that how the knowledge will be identified, "Axiology" defines the ethics and social values related to research, "Rhetoric" explains the style of languageof research report, and “Methodology" describes the procedure of learning or reading. Mertens (1998), Linclon and Guba(2000) state that claims or philosophical assumptions ofa researcher are known as a research paradigm. Neuman (2000) and Crotty (1998) opine that "ontology" and "epistemology" are generally considered as research methodologies.
Guba and Lincon (1994) and Denzin and Lincoln (2000) describe that in research selection of conjectures, and tools of assortment, apparatuses, contestants, research methods in the study depends on the selection of research paradigm. Usually there are three schools of thoughts about the research paradigms as "constructivism" as a qualitative research, "positivism" as quantities research and "pragmatism" both qualitative and quantitave, regarding claims and knowledge. Accrording to Neuman…

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