The Ethical Principles Of An Organization Essay

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Socrates speaks about constructive philanthropy which business and every social person needs to undertake .Managers are people of the management who promote the ideals of the management to the world. They are the face of the management. Though organizations do not have formal code of ethical principles they believe that they need to have an atmosphere of doing thing the right way. There are no set rules as to what is right and what is wrong and managers have increasingly used this to define the approach of organizations to right thinking .normally managers believe in the outcome of business decisions and use this to protect organizations from unhealthy practices. In this context managers have to use and impose rules fairly and impartially It is expected that managers act ethically not only in the interest of the organization but also in their deeds of organizational interest. They have to understand and act according to interest of management and the stakeholders.
Socrates in all his philosophies speaks about this philosophy and people are vested with the responsibility of managing others money and hence have a fiduciary responsibility while discharging their functions .Socrates philosophizes the concept of “ ethical practices which bodies have to take up when dealing with other people’s money. , Socrates says that the purpose of philosophy is to help us live “the good life by not only remaining good but also by confirming to ethical standards of…

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