The Ethical Decision Making Model Essay

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After hearing the case of Roger, major concerns include that Roger is letting his feelings cloud his judgment. Further, he is allowing his needs of protecting the client to be put before the client’s needs and welfare.

In consulting with Roger, the counselor would be empathetic and acknowledge the difficulty he must have had in reaching out about his concerns. The counselor would provide consultee-centered case consultation to assist Roger with gaining the knowledge and objectivity to make an ethical decision regarding his issue (Henderson & Thompson, 2011). The counselor would tell Roger that using an ethical decision-making model would help him to act in his client’s best interest (Henderson & Thompson, 2011). For example, the counselor would talk Roger through the use of assessing his options, such as telling his supervisor or not telling his supervisor that the client should be transferred because of ethical standards. Then the counselor would talk to Roger about documenting his decisions, such as writing out what he decided to do and when. Finally, the counselor would remind Roger that he should evaluate the actions that he took (Henderson & Thompson, 2011). Using an ethical decision making model would not only support the client’s best interest but also support Roger in being an ethical counselor. Additionally, the counselor would suggest to Roger that he apply self-tests (Remley & Herlihy, 2014). In using the self-tests, the counselor would ask Roger if he would…

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