The Ethical Consumption Of Modern Society Essay

1461 Words Dec 14th, 2016 6 Pages
Consumerism is a widely critiqued concept in American culture; representing the idea that human beings are driven by a desire to purchase goods. Consumer culture evolves with society and technological advances, adapting its hold over citizens to remain consistent with the values of the era. The phenomenon nonetheless has allowed society to advance to its current state, a state that has resulted from decades of exponential growth. Modern society and consumer culture is a human fabrication that is so far detached from nature that new questions must be addressed pertaining to whether a mere individual can still consume and participate in consumerism ethically. In this essay, I will argue that ethical consumption in modern society is impossible and to support my claim I will explain that this is due to the continuously expanding separation between human culture and nature, the competitive pathway to success, and the adaptive nature of marketing techniques.
The patterns of escalating creation surrounding the evolution of human society continue to further separate mankind from the simplicity of need-based consumption in nature. While ancient humans used to simply hunt for food and create clothing and tools in order to provide for themselves and their families, humans now rely on a complex, interconnected network of associated corporations to provide food and products for them. I live in a Fraternity and have a meal plan, which provides me three hot meals a day. I spend…

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