The Ethical Concept Of Common Good

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Imagine living in a society where all people come together to help each other achieve a greater goal for all. A society where people are willing to make the contributions that are necessary to improve society as a whole. Well according to the concepts of the Catholic church, that would be define as a society that is working for the common good. The common good is define as, “to contribute to a worthy cause and to improve society in many ways even when benefits of this progress will go primary to others” (T. Massaro 85). The article Freedom from Fries, covers the three concepts of the Catholic church, however, I would like to focus on the concept of common good and how it is not only demonstrated in the article but also offers a solution to …show more content…
In this essay, I will discuss the ethical problem of the article and apply to concepts of common good to the problem and indicate how the concept also offers a solution.
In the article Freedom from Fries, the author, Michael Specter, begins by stating that people are more aware of what they are eating than ever before. According to Specter, “millions of diners, fueled by concerns about their health and the state of the environment—and propelled by a general distaste for industrially produced and highly processed food—have begun to shun the ubiquitous chains that have long shaped the American culinary character” (M. Specter). The article continues by sharing to its audience that people are demanding healthier good tasting food at a reasonable price. However, people are not taking enough actions on enforcing change in the food industries because of the price, speed, and taste that fast food provides them with. Specter conducts an interview on different people and asks them for their reason on continuing to eat fast food although it is bad for their health. The people respond by stating that it is cheaper, faster, and tastier to purchase than
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Massaro 85). In this instance it would include for society as whole to help improve the health of others by improving their eating habits in reducing the amount of fast food they consume.
As some people may have already realized and taken action on the serious damages that fast food has on a person’s health, others fail to acknowledge the seriousness behind it. People who have a greater knowledge about the damages that fast food has on people’s health should inform people who know little about it. They could suggest alternatives to fast food by teaching them effective ways to purchase healthier

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