The Ethical And Ethical Aspects Of The Medical Practice Essay

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1. The medical practice currently places a stronger emphasis on the biological aspects of illness and overlooks many ethical and personal aspects that should also be accounted for. This naturalistic approach generalizes illness based on “natural or physical facts that are sufficient to explain the human world.” (Carel, 9) Although biology plays a very important role in the understanding of illness, the most ethical and important role should be the patient’s perspective of their own illness and experience. The study of phenomenology, founded by French philosopher Merleau-Ponty, recognizes the first person experience and the structure of that experience. By validating an ill person’s experience instead of comparing it to a textbook example of illness, we can incorporate individual people’s personalities and habits into their care and treatment. This practice would be far more ethical and possibly even more effective than the standardized approach.
Illness is a devastating experience, which disrupts many basic aspects of life. The isolation illness creates can make ill people feel lonely and sometimes depressed, in addition to the loneliness and depression they already feel due to the condition itself. An ill person’s appearance is also strongly affected by their condition, possibly in both the physical and psychological aspects. Merleau-Ponty introduces the ambiguity between the lived and biological body, which confronts the tension an ill person feels. Prior to their…

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