The Establishment Of Law Codes Essay example

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Throughout the course there are many major themes that occur repetitively, which are: the establishment of law, the creation of government, achievements of societies, and the presence of religion in the different societies. These themes are evident in each society that was analyzed in this course, and each theme still has a relevance in society today.
The establishment of a law was a major theme and factor in many civilizations. Each type of civilization had different viewpoints on law. The laws created in each civilization were the determining reasons of the strength of the government. First, in Mesopotamia, the peoples followed a law called Hammurabi’s Code, the first law known to have been created. The codes created were to deal with both civic and criminal problems. These law codes established many different norms within each society, from the Romans to the great dynasties of China. The Romans believed in the law code of the Twelve Tables, which were to lay out the rules of each empire. This helped create the Roman civilization very powerful and stable. The Hebrews followed and upheld the Ten Commandments, which had been created by God, Yahweh, for the Hebrews to live a moral life. These commandments were to be followed and upheld to the best of their ability, if not the Hebrew people feared that the wrath of God would come upon them. Finally, the Han Dynasty of China, which had two different types of laws: the customary law and imperial law. These Customary laws were…

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