The Essence Of Christianity By Thomas Feuerbach Essay

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Feuerbach Essay
One of the most discussed topics during the 19th century is religion. In “The Essence of Christianity” Ludwig Feuerbach offers his interpretation on religion. Feuerbach displays his point of view by explaining the features that belong to human beings, species consciousness, and how human beings project God. Below I will review Feuerbach’s ideas about religion and connect all of Feuerbach’s ideas in order to analyze an important passage of the text.
Feuerbach begins by stating that the features of human beings must be understood in order to understand religion. Feuerbach says this is true because animals do not have religion. I agree with this argument from Feuerbach because religion makes humans unique. Religion is the main reason why the border between humans and animals is constantly reinforced. Firstly, humans are aware of themselves in a different way than animals. Humans believe they need religion in order to ensure that their soul lives on. Humans want to view themselves as invincible because the thought of death makes them feel uncomfortable. In addition, humans have higher levels of rationality than animals. Humans are able to talk and have their own thoughts. This leads to humans being able to think beyond what they physically see. Humans are constantly looking for answers. Religion provides humans with answers and a purpose.
Feuerbach attributes many distinctive characteristics to human beings. Feuerbach describes humanity with three features.…

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