The Era Of The Great Depression Essays

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In the era of the Great depression people, such as John Fulmer, struggled to keep afloat the economic crisis that was brought on by buying on the margin. The year 1933 was the defining year in 20th century American history because of the president 's economic plan, The New Deal, as well as the Dust Bowl on farmers and overlooked discrimination. These events from 1933 changed people 's opinions on economic troubles, domestic and nondomestic, and discrimination towards others in the era of the Great Depression, marking the start of America 's battle against debt.
Racial Discrimination was a major issue during 1933. Since the year 1933 was based around the Great Depression, it is no surprise that minorities were majorly targeted. African-Americans, American Indian, Mexican americans and Asian Americans were just a few examples of minorities discriminated throughout the Depression and 1933. Among all the minorities, they did not cease to exist after 1933, African-Americans were the most discriminated of all. By 1869, the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were made to bring equality among any minority, especially for African-Americans. Among the community that the minorities lived in there were relief centers or assistance for finding jobs that were being refused. On top of that they had a hard time of getting a house, let alone food for their family. They were also threatened or excluded from labor unions or political positions, because whites were afraid of the power they would…

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