The Epidemic Of Puerto Rico Essay example

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When looking at Puerto Rico geographical position, you can see one of the reason why criminality has increase in the past decades, even when a decrease in homicide started to flourish in 2014. More than cultural or social conditions, the biggest problem confronts by Puerto Rico is the trafficking of drug given the advantage of been a trampoline for US drug dealer that have cargos coming from Colombia and Venezuela. However, the fact that there is an economic recession, a high rate of unemployment, poverty level at an astronomical rate and the police corruption can’t be ignore as affecting the homicide rate. But let’s take a look at each of these historical, cultural, and social conditions contributing to the homicide problem in Puerto Rico, and criminological theories relating to the problem.

Historical, Cultural, and Social Conditions Contributing to Puerto Rico Homicide Problem and Applicable Criminological Theories

The Department of Health of Puerto Rico release of mortality rate for 2013 shows a homicide rate of 25.0 compare to 29.8 in 2011. Although a decrease occurred for 2013, compare to 2004 – 2008 where homicide rank number 11 as a cause of death, 2011- 2013 made it to position 7, and the first source of it is drug trafficking, counting for about 60% of those homicide. The easy access to the island from many part has contributed to an increase of drugs and guns to the island that later on are brought to USA. Nevertheless, how this entrance propagates to…

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