The Epic Tale Of Gilgamesh Essay

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Didactic literature teaches, instructs, or demonstrates principles of mortality and well being. In The Epic Tale of Gilgamesh, the readers are taught several lessons within the text. The most easily found lesson that is learned within The Epic Tale of Gilgamesh is that death is unavoidable.
Gilgamesh was a jealous man, and envied the Gods for their immortality. However, Gilgamesh came up with a plan of his own. Gilgamesh and his friend Enkidu realized that even though they can’t live forever, their fame can. Therefore, throughout the story Gilgamesh tries to conquer great tasks and boost his fame. However Gilgamesh and Enkidu failed to realize that their lives could be in danger when they conquer these great tasks. After fighting the Great Humbaba, and slaying the Bull of Heaven, Enkidu’s luck ran out. Being cursed by the gods, Enkidu died a slow, miserable death. It is with this event that Gilgamesh fears the day he dies.
With this fear in the back of Gilgamesh’s mind, he goes to venture out on one more quest to Utnapishtim. After several hardships, Gilgamesh finally reaches Utnapishtim in hopes to become immortal. However when faced with a test, Gilgamesh fails. However in a turn of events, the Gods allow Enkidu to rise up and speak with Gilgamesh. After their discussion, Gilgamesh realizes that you only live once, so make sure the life you live is the best life one can hope for. And hopefully, the more you do in life, the greater you will be in the…

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