The Epic Of Gilgamesh Essay

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You may not be able to control what happens to you but you can control what happens within you. People usually find themselves when they gain or lost something special to them. Love is priceless and death is inevitable. Love can change a person’s perception of certain things or change them completely as a person. Gilgamesh is a king who is known for is cruelty and selfishness. He commits so many atrocities that even the gods could not stop him. Finally, they came up with an idea that can possibly stop him. The gods creates a rival, a man that can contend against Gilgamesh and hopeful be his doom. This man Enkidu is created to bring Gilgamesh to his knees, but each man wrestles each other and Gilgamesh prevails. They kiss after the fight and become friends. A worst enemy can be a best friend. The future is unpredictable. Even though the gods intend evil towards Gilgamesh love subjugates their evil intention. However, I find out that the Epic of Gilgamesh compromises three major themes: Love can be a motivating force, death is inevitable, and the gods are bad. Love can drive a person’s motivation towards good or evil. Love motivates change all through the epic. For instance, Gilgamesh is known to be a cruel and selfish king, but he became a pleasant and exemplary one when he met Enkidu. On the other hand, Enkidu used to be a wild man who cares only about himself and surviving every day. He became a righteous and passionate man when he met Gilgamesh. Secondly, Gilgamesh’s…

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