Epic Of Gilgamesh Comparison Essay

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Epic of Gilgamesh
Mesopotamia is the land between Tigris River and Euphrates River where the Sumerians first settled in 3500 BCE. Polytheism is the belief of more than one god. The Sumerians worshiped more than one god such as Shamash the god of the glorious sun, Adad the god of the storm, and Ishtar the mother goddess who oversee fertility, love, the hunt, war and marriage. Cuneiform is the first written language on clay tablets and the ancestor of all Western written languages. Epic of Gilgamesh written in Cuneiform is the tale about King Gilgamesh ruled Uruk which was one of the five Cities of Sumerians.
Even though the Epic of Gilgamesh is very old, its meaning is still valuable in nowadays. The tale gives prominence to the friendship,
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However, after a few time reading, I have learned that there are a several meanings in the story. Comparing to the Apology of Socrates by Plato, it is easier and more interesting to read. It shows me the true friendship between Gilgamesh who was the great king in his time and Enkidu who lived isolated from people. Honestly, Gilgamesh in my opinion is not as great as the story wrote about. Eventually, Enkidu was dead although innocent because Gilgamesh killed Humbaba and Bull of Heaven. And he was scared because of his friend’s death, hence he went on a journey to find the way to become immortality. Again, the story shows me that even the great king like Gilgamesh was afraid of death. In addition, even though he did and experienced these obstacles to get a plant restoring the youth, he still loss it and death due to the age. As Buddhist, I believe. In the end, we will turn to ashes and back to earth when we die. We cannot bring anything with us when we pass away regardless how much money we have in a current life. What we expect is to lay down in peace and have a better after-life if we live honestly and do not harm others. Do not let greed blind our eyes and our soul, or we may face “what goes around come back around”, not after-life but in this

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