The Epic Hero In The Epic Of Beowulf

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An epic poem is one of the earliest forms of literature. It is a long, narrative poem which is used to tell tales about the heroic deeds, adventures and events of a legendary hero in pursuit of a goal. In every epic poem, there is a main epic hero. Epic heroes are larger-than-life figures. They are brave and noble characters that are admired for their achievements and pit their courage, skill, and virtue against evil forces. An example of epic poetry is the poem Beowulf. The main character in the story is named Beowulf, an epic hero with extraordinary strength.

Beowulf is the oldest known poem written in Old English, written somewhere between the eighth and eleventh century. This poem is a classic example of a literary epic which focuses
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The dragon, angry because he was robbed of a goblet, begins attacking the Geats, burning villages and slaughtering the people. Beowulf takes a group of eleven trustworthy warriors ー along with the thief who knows the location of the dragon lair ー to battle the dragon for the final showdown. Once Beowulf and his men come across the monster, all the warriors but one, Wiglaf, flee in terror. With Wiglaf’s help and encouragement, Beowulf is able to defeat the dragon. Although he is successful in the defeat, he is mortally wounded. The warriors collect the treasure of the dragon, following Beowulf’s request. Before his death, Beowulf takes off his golden collar and gives it to Wiglaf, pronouncing him the new …show more content…
He excels in skill, strength, and courage. He fought battles no other man dared to; he was fearless. He had the strength and skills to defeat Grendel, who could not even be harmed by a weapon. He was able to complete tasks no other man could such as: ripping Grendel’s arm off, lifting the giant sword, and carrying Grendel’s head unassisted. Beowulf also valued honor, glory, and loyalty. Beowulf is not only glorified because of his noble birth, but also because of his deeds and accomplishments. He set out on quests for the protection of his people and to honor the doings of King Hrothgar. His mission throughout the poem is to gain more fame and fortune. Although he was ruthless towards enemies, he was generous towards followers and was willing to protect and help the

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