The Environmental Health Risks Of The American Lung Association

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The City of Chicago received a F for the cleanliness of the air we breathe again. New reports show that the air has not improved since last year. The American Lung Association ranked the City of Chicago as the 14th most poluted city in the nation in the “State of the Air 2014”.The City of Chicago was also ranked the 20th most ozone-polluted and year-round particle pollution. Particle pollution is a mixture of solid and liquid particles found the air. This was the ranking last year. Altgeld Gardens is located in what is called a “toxic doughnut” because it has high rates of environmentally-related problems.The Medical University of South Carolina conducted an investigation on the environmental health risks on the Altgeld Gardens community. The method they used to conduct this investigation on the environmental health risk on the residents in this community was a questionnaire with 42 residents as their focus group. These residents in the focus group lived in the community for at the least two (2) years. The results from the questionnaire were that the physical and social hazards were mainly identified as major risk factors to the families of the people who participated in the focus group and the neighboring community. The physical hazards were how the hazardous waste was being dumped and landfills. The social hazards were considered to be the crime and also drugs. The results were used to prioritise health and environmental risks that were affecting the community of Altgeld…

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