The Environment And How The Human Race Affects It On A Daily Basis

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While scouring the internet for cute, fluffy animals I found some interesting websites and shocking stories that I have full intent on sharing with you in the next few paragraphs. You see, we do not often discuss global issues like poverty because it’s easier to ignore than address the problem. And if we can’t even talk about humans, what makes you think we’ll be any more open to environmental concerns? Especially since we are the core reason everything that animal populations are dwindling, along with the trees and natural resources. My main goal for this paper is to raise awareness about the environment and how the human race affects it on a daily basis.
To achieve my goal, I have organized my paper into three sections. In the first section, I will go over prominent people who took it upon themselves to do whatever they could to help save the world. In the next section I’ll go over the problems we are facing today and why we must solve them. Lastly, I will explain how we can take the next step into fixing the issues we created.

One of the first people that I would like to tell you about is Jane Goodall. Her entire career began soon after her twenty-sixth birthday when she went to Kenya, Africa. She studied at Tanzanla Gombe National Park, watching chimpanzees in their natural habitat. After years in the park, a marriage, and a child, Jane expanded her research from pan troglodytes (chimpanzees) to anything and everything. She took it upon her duty…

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